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This room is one of owner Stephanie’s favorites—she is still in awe of how beautifully it turned out and the authentic feel of the space.


The renovation here was painstaking, in order to artfully expose the stones in the wall, but well worth it in the end. The all-white plaster above the exposed stones honors the monasterial history of the building and provides a freshness to the space. 

This bedroom is located on the ground floor, level with the river, and features two single beds. A spiral staircase descends directly into the room from the living room. 

The room features a striking Moroccan bowl from a family trip, which has been transformed from a camel milk receiver into a sink! Not to worry—you won't get camel milk when you turn on the tap as Stephanie's kids once thought! A simple plumbing system and fixtures were chosen to align with the original farmhouse style. 


Floor -1
(below street level)

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