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With its beautiful, traditional wooden ceiling and original red terracotta tiles, the bedroom offers both a stunning and tranquil space in which to repose. 

It showcases four artistic pieces created by Stephanie (the owner)'s father, as well as family heirlooms: from Stephanie's side, an old armoire and her very own desk from when she was a child (another wonderful find from her mother!); from her husband's side, a vintage iron bed carefully renovated and bar stools from his grandparents' bar in Auvergne (central France). 

The iron bed is the showstopper of the room: it stands in all its original glory. However, it measures 120 cm wide (smaller than a regular double bed), so it’'s safer to say that one person can sleep here comfortably! 

Stephanie's mom used to collect owl-themed objects. No surprise that you can spot one on the pillows! Stephanie naturally purchased it a long time ago to include a little "mom" touch, of course!

This bedroom has a door that closes for privacy.



Ground Floor

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